Anduril Industries is hiring Haskell Engineers

My team is expanding rapidly and we are aggressively hiring Haskellers of all experience levels, the job description follows:

Those with specific interest or experience in Nix/NixOS/Nixpkgs, systems programming, hardware interfaces, numerical programming, or signal processing, might find themselves particularly suitable for this role. If your commercial software engineering experience isn’t in Haskell or functional programming in particular, but you’re looking to break into commercial FP, please do get in touch; this is the path the majority of our team took to get where they are today.

Our team works entirely on-site in Orange County, California, USA. Due to the nature of the products we are building, time in the lab is critical for our work.

Happy to answer questions below, in DMs, or via email at


Discussion from the last anduril job posting:


@TravisWhitaker Doesn’t California have a legal requirement to post salary ranges? Just something to keep in mind.

And thanks for using enthusiastically using Haskell in most of your products, just a shame that you can’t be more uncontroversial.


The job ad does list the range, no?


$132,000 - $240,000 a year


Electronic Warfare Software Engineer

How insulated are you from the actual warfare? They say being “customer-centric” and “shipping” is important in software. Do you get to have any connection to the actual end-user, or is it all kept abstract?

For people who consider posting here in the future, let’s keep this thread focused on the job offer. If you’re interested feel free to ask questions here, if not, then you can mute this thread using the little bell on the right and move on.


In what way is my comment not about the job position? I’m asking about the realities of the day-to-day and what it’s like.

EDIT: I misunderstood due to the deletions. My bad @jaror !

Sorry for the confusion, there was another comment after yours which is now hidden. I meant my message for people who consider posting here in the future.


Ah I didn’t realize “electronic warfare” was a term of art. I assumed it was a just punchy job title!

My question still stands though :grin:


To address good feedback I received on this JD: yes, this is a Haskell position. The software we write is “embedded” in the sense that it’s running on a dedicated hardware device that isn’t a user’s laptop/phone/etc. However, all of our products boot Linux (NixOS, in fact), and what we are producing at the end of the day is (almost entirely) Linux application programs.

Our team receives applications from engineers who have worked with other functional programming technologies, not just Haskell. However, the intent of the broad language in the JD is to funnel people with broader FP experience to Haskell in particular, not to funnel Haskellers to some other technology. What we are doing is also different from e.g. Digital Asset or Standard Chartered; we are not working in a home-grown Haskell dialect. We are using GHC to compile GHC Haskell, that depends on packages from Hackage. By no means do I say this to criticize DA or ST at all, I only intend to clarify what I mean by “this is a Haskell position.”


I lead our EW Software team, so I work directly with customers on requirements, capability development, and deployment. This includes working at customer sites.

This is by no means a requirement though; some engineers on the team are happy to engage directly with the customers and end users, others are happy to hack away in the RF lab all day (well, for our team, it’s more like all night).