[ANN] Cabal-, cabal-install-, Cabal-, cabal-install-

The Cabal team is excited to announce the release of Cabal-, and cabal-install-

Changelog for Cabal- and cabal-install-

This is the fifth release of the 3.0 release series for both packages. This minor version release introduces a set of fixes for some regressions seen when the tool interacts with autoconf, as well as some fixes for regressions to the way Paths_ modules interact with non-standard preludes:

  • Making Paths_ modules work with non-standard preludes again #5962

    • Generate Paths_ module with qualified Data.List.last import so that compatibility with non-standard preludes is not regressed compared to cabal 3.4.
  • Windows: redo the fix to breakage caused by new autoconf; the wrong fix made cabal sometimes fail with old autoconf #7494 #7649

    • Reverts #7510 that failed on Windows when used with pre-generated scripts included in packages such as network, time, process.
    • Adds a subtler fix/workaround for the deficiencies of new autoconf versions on Windows.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The last bug affects configuration files generated with autoconf-2.70 or later. They will not work with cabal- Please either upgrade to or the new releases.

I’d like to thank the many contributors who offered patches, tickets, and other help in the preparation of this release. We appreciate all of your help!

Happy hacking!


Hi, I notice a couple of potential issues.

  1. Installing from https://downloads.haskell.org/~cabal/cabal-install- and running cabal --version gives me
cabal-install version
compiled using version of the Cabal library
  1. The previous release included https://downloads.haskell.org/~cabal/cabal-install- which works on debian 9 + 10. However, the new release only has a linux-deb10 variant which does only work on debian 10. Is the intention to drop support for debian 9? Which would be fine, but if it’s intentional it should explicitly noted I think.


Hey Alistair thanks for the report - indeed we mixed up one of the binaries! Easy fix and it should be updated by eod


Regarding deb9 - the version was been discontinued by debian over a year ago, and so support has been discontinued in cabal.


There are static bindists for the needy: