[ANN] xmonad and xmonad-contrib 0.17.1 are available

New versions of xmonad and xmonad-contrib have been released. Check out
our download page for instructions on where to get them.

About 10 months after the big release of 0.17.0, we—as promised—picked
up the pace a bit and are back with a new minor version; don’t let that
fool you though, this one still packs a punch! Plus, we now sport a
brand-new logo, courtesy of Hans Heintze.

As this is a minor release, we tried to keep the breaking changes to a
minimum (xmonad core does not have a single one!) However, some were
unavoidable for xmonad-contrib, so be sure to at least glance at the
release notes!

For help getting started—or more info—see our website and
talk to us! If you like what we do, you can support us on
Open Collective or via GitHub Sponsors. Thanks!

See xmonad and xmonad-contrib 0.17.1 are available | xmonad - the tiling window manager that rocks for the full announcement.