Announcing the Haskell Foundation Board

I am delighted to announce the membership of the newly-constituted Haskell Foundation Board.

You will remember that the Interim Board of the Foundation (which I have the privilege to chair) was tasked with seeking nominations, evaluating them, and deciding on the final membership.

The Call for Nominations is here, and closed on 11 Jan 2021. We received 26 self-nominations, most of which were very strong – we felt spoiled for choice! Each member of the Interim Board evaluated all the nominations independently, after which we met to combine our judgements. We ended up appointing a board of 14 members (slightly larger than we originally intended). Here they are:

  • Alexander Bernauer
  • Théophile Choutri
  • Scott Conley
  • Wendy Devolder
  • Chris Dornan
  • Richard Eisenberg
  • Tom Ellis
  • Edward Kmett
  • Andrew Lelechenko
  • Jose Pedro Magalhaes
  • Simon Peyton Jones
  • Michael Snoyman
  • Ryan Trinkle
  • Niki Vazou

Théophile is better known in the Haskell community as Hécate, and will sit under their legal name.

I hope you will join me in welcoming the members of the new board. I think it’s a very strong group, and I look forward to their leadership of the Foundation. (On a personal note, the Interim Board asked me to serve on the Board for now, but I see myself mainly in the role of a midwife, and I hope to step down after a year.)

I want to say a big thank-you to everyone who nominated themselves, even if we didn’t appoint you. I believe I have written to you all individually, but I want to say this in public: the Haskell community thrives on volunteer contributions, and simply by expressing your willingness to serve you have strengthened our community. Thank you! The membership of the board will rotate (details yet to be settled) so there will be future opportunities; plus, of course many opportunities to contribute
the work of Foundation through its working groups.

Meanwhile, you may wonder about our progress on the Executive Director front. The Interim Board received ten applications for EF, and is in the midst of interviews, which will conclude this week. Stay tuned.

There is plenty still to do, but having a Board feels like a real watershed moment. Welcome, board members!

Simon Peyton Jones


I am pleased to see this. It is definitely the right move that allows businesses to work closely with us.

Cheer to the people.

It is a turning point.

If you’re wondering who these people are, this Reddit comment by Emily Pillmore provides a nice introduction for each of the board members.