Can a mod delete my account please?

I didn’t see an option in settings, and in my brief time here I think I’ve quickly decided discourse isn’t for me.

I hope you reconsider! You already created one good post that generated a fair amount of discussion. I hope you weren’t discouraged if people responded in a way that sounded harsh or negative. It’s very easy to accidentally sound rude in text conversations. It’s also easy to feel attacked when you accidentally stumble into a topic that other people have already discussed for years.

Everybody’s human… (Well, for now anyway)

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To be frank, it was discouraging, and while someone disagreeing with me over the Internet is hardly a reason to quit a website, it’s not the first time I’ve seen what read to me as harsh replies.

The fact that the same tone can be read elsewhere and yet is not a problem to me suggests to me that I am the problem and would be better served by not contributing brain cycles being anxious when I’m likely just having an allergic reaction to a particular style of communication.

I certainly understand it’s been discussed for years (I even asked about when the new standard would be ready years ago). I didn’t mean to ruffle feathers, imply that I knew better than committee member alumni or the Haskell community as a whole, or that I could single handedly change the trajectory of a language barely younger than I am.

I just thought:

  • seeing the diff of a “fantasy” version of the standard and the current standard would be interesting to see
  • sharing that with the community might spark some interest in a new Haskell Prime and give the committee a jumping off point or convince people we really didn’t need another standard
  • be a fun exercise in seeing what went into documenting the design of a language like Haskell

That one reply reminded me of the numerous contentious (and at some points arguably unprofessional comments) I’ve seen in various proposal discussions – especially those wanting to change syntax – and other breaking changes. Heck, that could just be how programming language discussions go, but I’ve only witnessed it one other place - elm GitHub issue threads.

I just don’t think I have the fortitude/energy/perhaps even maturity to sit through those kinds of debates. Rather than raise a stink about it, I was hoping to just extricate myself and let others continue to enjoy this platform.


…and a clarification on my part: for close to the last decade, I’ve been living under the delusion that Haskell 2010 removed the monomorphism restriction! >_<

Perhaps the “new arrival here” banner could be attached to the user’s icon, or appear at the start of each message (until Discourse switches them to “regular” status , of course).

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Discourse should already do that:

@anon72232138 I am sorry to you see you go. If you think anything could be handled better moderation wise or community wise, please share it.

If you are sure you want to delete your account, PM me.

(just checking my first message here: the banner’s gone.)

So that banner is “dynamic content”: it disappears everywhere here once the system switches the user to “regular” status. Maybe that’s the problem:

  1. New user makes first post (banner appears)

  2. A big, rambling reply appears (the banner then disappears as the new user reads it)

  3. Not seeing the banner any more, the subsequent replies to the OP are less…“introductory”.

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I’m also sorry to see you go. I thought you raised an interesting topic for discussion.


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I don’t think you are the problem. I aspire to the Haskell Discourse being a place in charactertised by mutual respect, not by harshness. Respect does not mean agreement – you can disagree pretty vigorously with someone while still making it clear that you genuinely respect their position. But there is no place in our conversations for language that makes people feel attacked or belittled, still less driven out.

So I too will be sorry to see you go, both becasue we will lack your voice, but also for what it says about the quality of our dialogue. Let’s do better!


I hope the people who posted messages in that thread see this and take it to heart.

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Thanks folks. One extra piece of context I’ll give (that I’ve given more fully to @chreekat in private is that I’m under an immense amount of stress in my personal life right now. The net affect of that, coupled with having selling lost access to the most content popular Haskell community is that my tolerance for less than respectful communication is extremely low.

I can understand that what was said in the other thread wasn’t meant to be rude, and I don’t intend to hold a grudge. I just realized that I can’t participate in an online community where the tolerance for newcomers asking potentially naive questions is low.

Perhaps were things in my personal life not so volatile, I could easily weigh the overwhelming majority of positive communication against the isolated negative (for me) communication and just move on. As it is though, I’m slowly realizing that to take care of myself, I need to not participate where there’s even the possibility of repeated occurrences of such an experience (even reading some threads I wasn’t in stressed me out, if that tells you everything).

As a complete aside, I think I expected to experience something akin to the haskell community of years ago. I think Chris Done might have been right when he suggested that every unpopular language community is super friendly to start. Once people are invested, the so-called honeymoon phase is over. Same happened to elm, and rust. Do note that I’m not suggesting the haskell community is hostile - just that it’s not as universally beginner friendly.

Please feel free to delete my account once this thread was died down. I don’t want to stifle any productive conversations that might be happening hear that haven’t made their way to other threads.


I hope that your personal life settles down soon and that you take good care of yourself.


Seconded. You’re always welcome back any time, as far as I am concerned!

Thirded from me.

And you don’t even need to get your account deleted: you can configure it to not get any notifications. (You’ll still get the ones that @ your handle explicitly.)

So you can dip your toe back in the water any time; then fade away again like the Cheshire cat.