Daily updates on Dependent Haskell

Hi all. Dependent Haskell is an initiative to add dependent types to Haskell, I wrote an article about it back in 2018, see Why Dependent Haskell is the Future of Software Development (serokell.io)

Recently I’ve been able to allocate more time towards that goal than usual, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in daily updates. The idea is to add transparency to the process and let people know there’s some progress every day.

Let me know if that’s something you’d want to read, so I can decide whether to go ahead with it.


Doesn’t have to be daily, but weekly updates similar to what Bryan does for the GHC DevOps work would be very much appreciated :+1:


I’d be interested in reading about this monthly. Daily is definitely too frequent for me to read. Weekly is probably too frequent, but might work.


I feel similarly to @tomjaguarpaw - I’d like to hear about your progress, but a daily update would probably be more often than I would want to read it, and I worry that the important points would get lost in a sea of details. I’d love to hear it on a weekly or monthly basis, though!


I agree that 1 week is better for the same reasons.

I think it’d be great if you posted tickets that newcomers could help with. Dependent Haskell is something that I know excites a lot of people, and targeted tickets could maybe push over the bump and into contribution…


I’d be interested in this, just not every day, I think once a week a brief summary at your convenience is fine.
I think how the devops guy does it from the haskell foundation is perfect.

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Great. I will try a weekly format this December and we can discuss a change to biweekly or monthly if it turns out to be too frequent. Thank you everyone for the feedback!


Weekly updates would be great.\

FWIW I see value in daily updates and I’d be happy to read them.

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where should we be watching for the first december weekly dependent haskell update?

The front page. One has already been posted! But I see you found it.

This makes me so excited!


Which front page? Post must be at least 20 characters.

The front page of Haskell Discourse. For me it’s the fifth item. Here’s a direct link: GHC+DH Weekly Update #1, 2022-12-07

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