Default Haddocks to hidden instances?

Many haddock pages are dominated by pages of instances. Just look at Aeson.Types, for example. If it ends in .Types then you know you’re in for some scrolling. What if we make haddocks default to having the instances hidden and include a global slider for expanding/hiding all instances (mostly for easy text search in my case)? I think this would go a long ways towards improving readability and reducing how daunting the documentation seems to beginners.


Hide instances by default · Issue #698 · haskell/haddock · GitHub is related.


Wow! Heh, staring at haddocks and I miss how much has changed over the years. Thanks.

I think we kept the wrong default, but this is amazing progress. I’ll write another haddock ticket to see if people would be up for web parameter control so we can link to instance-collapsed pages.

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