DevOps Weekly Log, 2023-12-20


In the last week, I finished migrating all the Stackage services to a new environment, so we’re nearly ready to do a cutover. I had to patch some of the software in order to make it happen, which is why I love DevOps: got a problem somewhere in the stack? Doesn’t matter where! You can fix it!

By the way, there may be some downtime when the Stackage cutover happens, so I will announce it in advance once we’ve decided on a time.

As usual, I also had to investigate issues in various systems over the last few days. I have improved the the spurious failure mitigation in the course of investigating a potential Stackage issue (which wasn’t a Stackage issue in the end). I also investigated networking issues with one half of the Darwin runners available to GitLab CI. I don’t have a fix for the issue yet, but I at least know where to look, and I have gained the necessary access in order to mitigate it when it arises.

I will skip next week’s log to have more time for the holidays. See you in 2024!