GHC 9.4.1 is now available!

8.10.7 is still considered the “recommended” version, as you can verify by running ghcup tui.

“ghc --version” still gives 8.10.2

Perhaps you want ghcup set ghc 9.4.1?

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For a discussion about recommended GHC, see Is it time to make GHC 9.2 the recommended version? (#402) · Issues · Haskell / ghcup-hs · GitLab

For documentation about managing active/default GHC see Getting started - GHCup and User Guide - GHCup


Looks like GHC 9.4.1 doesn’t install the HsFFI.h header file in the same place as usual -

vanessa@vanessa-desktop ~/programming 🌸 fd HsFFI.h ~/.ghcup/ghc/

Maybe missing a symlink?

Vanessa, are you directly depending on the headers? The include directory was removed from the bindist in the 9.4 series as you should use ghc-pkg to determine the location of headers for the rts package.


Oh I see! Never mind then, that works well :slight_smile: