Haskell Foundation June Update

Haskell Foundation June Update

New Sponsors!

We want to thank our two newest sponsors.

Digital Asset has stepped up to support the Haskell Foundation at the Monad level. Digital Asset creates Daml, a language aiming to revolutionize the smart contract space.

ExFreight is supporting us at Applicative. ExFreight is a logistics company using Haskell to revolutionize the freight industry.

Please join me in showing them appreciation and love for supporting the Haskell community! They join our distinguished list of sponsors:




Technical Agenda

Work on Text-Utf8, GHC Performance Dashboard, and the Unified Installer continues. Bodigrim has disabled implicit fusion rules in text in work related to the Text-Utf8 changes, as well!

GHC Support

GHC CI received a generous grant of Azure credits from Microsoft, which looked like enough to negate the need for more hardware in the short term. However, upon testing, it turns out not to have been enough for some use cases, so the HF is looking to fund hardware to help our wonderful GHC team. If you or your company would like to help out, Donate or Sponsor today!



We are starting “The Haskell Interlude”, a new Haskell-focused podcast where we interview guests from the Haskell community. The hosts are Niki Vazou, Joachim Breitner, Andres Löh, Alejandro Serrano and Wouter Swierstra. The first episode will be out soon on our Podcast page.


Does (will) the podcast have an RSS/Atom feed we can subscribe to?


The HF website is built using Hakyll, and my intent is that it will be data driven and able to generate the RSS/Atom feeds properly. Whether or not we’ll have this working initially is mostly a question of volunteers / bandwidth.

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Seems like the RSS might be here: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1817535.rss

I could certainly take a look at it later today, and see at least how much effort would be needed. Depending on that, I could also happily implement it.

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As promised (still WIP).