Haskell Interview Prep Resources

Does anybody know of any good interview prep resources for Haskell? Would also appreciate any experts out there who would be willing to lend (or sell) an hour for a mock interview.


When interviewing for Haskell jobs in the past, I’ve usually asked interviewees to implement a parser combinator library from scratch. I still like that question because it can be adjusted to the level of the interviewee – if it’s more of a beginner Haskeller, I can offer them some guidance and maybe we’ll end up with a simple list based monadic parser similar to Graham Hutton’s famous functional pearl. If it’s someone with more experience, we can talk about performance and maybe do a CPS based parser, or talk about how to return good error messages.

This was for a compiler-related job though, so if you’re interviewing for a e.g. a mostly web-based company, I’d recommend looking into that area a bit more.