Haskell plush toy

A cat mascots would be pawsome.
Maybe Hasky the House Cat?

We can get ideas from https://twitter.com/impurepics


+1000 for pawsome :slight_smile:
I really like the sound of Hasky the House cat - it really drives home the point @sclv made about using a common animal. To have a specific name for it reduce the “generality” (which was part of sclv’s post) a bit but I think “Hasky the House cat” could strike a good balance between generality and still be an iconic mascot.

“Haskell’s House cats” could be an other option that is more general, though I prefer Hasky myself I think

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What about Hasky the Husky?

Example image for taste:

(Credit to LikeHack for the image: Behance)
(I have no rights to this image, whatsoever)


I think a Sloth is a great mascot for haskell. They are cute, lazy, and kind of meme-able.


I think a sloth would be perfect!

Here are my personal evaluation criteria.

  1. Must be unique. Cats and dogs are nice and all, but it doesn’t really stand out.
  2. Must be publicly recognizable. I got really excited about the plush monad, but in the end it only appeals to insiders with what is (to the general public) an obscure joke.
  3. Must be cute. The whole point here is to inspire affectionate feelings for Haskell, and most people don’t feel affectionately about beetles, for example (except for ladybugs, I suppose?).
  4. Must represent the language. Sloths being lazy is a widely known and very recognizable reference to something unique about the Haskell programming language.

So the sloth has my support.


A possible problem with a sloth could be that it will reinforce some people’s beliefs that Haskell is slow.


Maybe a gecko?

  • They are kind of lazy as they don’t move much
  • But if you observe one, they seem to be “evaluating” the situation
  • When they move, they do it fast and swiftly

I love every one of them. How about an entire plushie line called the “Lambda Squad”. Slothy, Meta, Cat, Wingman, Yoneda.

Collect them all!


I understand the concern, but I really don’t think people will really read too much into it beyond “sloths are lazy, haskell is lazy”.


Whatever we go with, let’s not forget to call it the new mascot “Haskot”. The opportunity is too good to pass…



Definitely voting for naked mole rat. There’s Rufus for example. Haskell mole should be a wizard mole, fully naked, of course.

Is this thread dead? I desperately want the plushy, but it seems like ideas are drifting around.

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I didn’t get a Haskell plushy for Christmas either. :pensive:

Is this not coming? :< perhaps it is too late to adopt plush toy for such an old language.

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Is this not coming? :< perhaps it is too late to adopt plush toy for such an old language.

It is never too late for plush toys.

I too am in favor of a sloth plush toy :sloth:, and I know an insider on the Haskell Foundation who is willing to help. But before ruffling anyone’s fur — would anyone object to the animal of the sloth taking the first (but perhaps final) turn at bearing the Haskell logo?

@cdsmith The artwork you posted — do we have copyright for that?


FWIW I love Zurihac 2022 artwork:
Zurihac 2022


I think we ought to be cautious about how our ironic in-jokes could be interpreted outside the community.

I think the best way forward for this would be to do a simple poll with the options which emerged in this conversation. What do you think?


I vote for sloth and love the idea of language mascot.