HF Technical Track Elections

Dear Haskell Community,

The Haskell Foundation recently finalized its proposal process, dubbed the Haskell Foundation Technical Proposal process (HFTP). In light of this, we need to fill the existing slots for the first elected Haskell Foundation Technical Track (HFTT) comittee! As a result, we’re happy to announce 8 open slots are opening up, upon which the existing HFTT will vote to select.

Who should apply?

Anyone who meets the following criteria should apply:

  1. Candidates should have enough bandwidth to review proposals on a monthly basis. In addition, HFTT members may be randomly selected to follow up on proposals to bring them to a review-worthy point as detailed in the proposal document.
  2. Candidates should be good communicators, who are able to articulate to the HFTT team when they will be available vs. unavailable for meetings or proposal commentary.
  3. Candidates should be able to weigh the pros and cons of each proposal against their broader impact to the community, as well as their alignment with the Haskell Foundation’s core strategy and goals.
  4. Though not required, candidates who can contribute opinions and analysis to pre-HFTP proposals on Discourse are desirable.

We encourage any and all who satisfy these requirements to apply. Please note that we are not looking for the biggest galaxy brain in the room - quite the opposite. We are looking for productive, motivated individuals who want to help support the ecosystem that we love. As such, we hope to build a broad sample of the community.

How can I apply?

To apply for one of these positions, send an email to the HFTT email address (hftt@haskell.foundation) that consists of the following data:

  1. The header “HFTT Election 2021 - <your name>”
  2. Why you think you’re a good fit given the above criteria
  3. If applicable, please point us to some code you’ve written

When will elections be decided?

Please note the following dates:

  1. Election submissions open: Sept 24
  2. Election submissions close: Oct 01
  3. Election outcome announced: Oct 10

Emily - on behalf of the HFTT



There’s no September 31st. Is the deadline today or on October 1st?

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Yes - that’s correct

Update: Pushing this back to Monday to source a few extra applications