My Haskell Setup


Recently I recorded a video where I showcase my Haskell Development Setup. Maybe it will be interesting for somebody here.


What is your Haskell Setup?


Thanks for sharing!

At work, I use Emacs + stack + haskell-mode + hoogle + ghci + ghcid.
At home, I use almost the same setup, switching haskell-mode with dante.

The pros of using haskell-mode at work is that it works. Our project is fairly big and I get flycheck integration working. For some reason that didn’t really work with dante.
The cons is that I don’t really get anything else working other than that. afaik haskell-mode requires you to load your current module before you can use stuff like go to definition and type at point and for a big project this can take more time than it’d like to invest, so i end up not using these features at all and instead use hoogle and ghcid.

My home dot-files are here, and I have also prepared a simpler way based on dante to get started with emacs and haskell here.


Oh yeah! I should check out dante! Thanks for reminding me about it!


I’ll add debug to the mix, much more convenient that dumping traceShow everywhere.