Poll for New Cabal Logo

It looks like there is a consensus of many people that we need a new logo for Cabal. Thankfully, @JonathanLorimer have opened a PR with his new design, and the PR itself gives people a chance to share other designs too.
As there are plenty of candidates, it seems that it is a good idea to open a public poll and collect more public opinions to choose a new logo. So, here it goes!

(caveat: there may be some minor adjustment on the logo after selection)

Cabal’s New Logo

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Some remarks about my proposal

  • that was a draft so I was a bit surprised to see it here… it’s slightly misaligned and stuff :sweat_smile:… but if we go for that we’ll polish it up of course
  • I think the old logo’s concept is really good, so I tried to stay close to that design
    • it’s both a 3-dimensional box (→package) and an “applicative blind” (*>)
    • it’s recognizable but also simple and with square proportions: it fits in a favicon
    • (other remarks about it in this and other of my comments in the pr)
  • the most important change, and the only one I felt was really necessary over the old logo, is the typeface: I used the same that’s used for the Haskell logo at haskell.org
  • the other change is pointy edges instead of rounded ones, also to match other haskell-related logos. This is optional
  • the first variant uses haskell.org’s colors, but i noticed that the original cabal colors are much more visible on a dark background too (second variant)

Finally, if you have some time before voting, I invite you to look at the pull request. There you can find many other remarks and reasoning about each of the new logos and the old one


Given that so many of these designs are so similar, I hope you won’t be just adopting the most popular choice here. Every slight variation on a design waters down the vote for designs like that.

We ought to rule out the least popular variations on each design and vote again on the most popular variants.
Ranked choice voting would be ideal!

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@DrewFenwick, thank you for the idea. Yes, voting for 2 rounds sounds good to me.


@Ailrun It’s a lot of design indeed. IMO you can delete my designs 1, 3 and 4 as they have not been refined based on community feedback. Instead, you could add my new proposals posted in the PR today (designed to avoid the similarities of the sim3 design with the logo of a sportswear brand). Please do what you think is best for the project.

One thing I’d like to quickly point out: The original cabal logo uses a perspective projection for the box while all the designs proposed here (except @fgaz’s) use parallel projection. Personally I think a perspective projection looks better (less “synthetic”) but I don’t know how others think. Also perspective projection doesn’t work well in combination with a lambda.


BTW, there’s one more perspectively projected design: @JonathanLorimer’s design 3

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Is it possible to change the colors? This purple is a little harsh on my eyes. (I know this is a Haskell.org color, but nevertheless, I want to give it a try :slight_smile: ).