Relationship between Yoneda and Codensity?

Ah, I’m glad to see a mathematician here.

To be ashamed, My mid-term plan is to study lambda calculus and type theory. A more long-term approach is to learn some category theory. Most of these were sparked by studying Haskell a few years ago. But…

But to be honest, I feel a bit powerless when facing a whole set of mathematical symbols because I don’t have a lot of time in my spare time. Without daily repetitive construction, it is difficult to establish a relatively complete system solely based on fragmented time.

Anyway, you are all the people I admire. Salute.



the language Elm was successful in the telecommunications industry

Do you mean Elixir or indeed Elm .

Haskell is an excellent vehicle for that. Mathematics is much more fun when you can tinker with it not just on paper but watch it run. See for example my collection of literate Haskell modules Haskell for mathematicians (contains exercises) or the blog of Bartosz Milewski.

Ah, no it was Erlang.


Nice. Thank again for your collection.

Thank you very much for the recommendation @ocharles, I will use this book for a study group at work!

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