Started with Haskell - And what did I find?

stack was probably installed somewhere in the system and ~/.local/bin wasn’t in the $PATH .

That also was a issue - I got fixed.
Thank for all helped me on my first step with Haskell

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The [mostly] updated Real World Haskell book is located here:

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Thanks to bring this under my attention - they made it in org files, which loads in Emacs, and make it easy to at notes in the text.

It seems like it is the same issue refered here two years ago:

About the guy who has introduced the “–” breaking flag, his rhetoric was really strange.
According to him, the issue was stack, entirely stack, only Stack, and it was an issue because he would not want to revert this new flagging style which was allowed by Cabal (though never used before, I think). I hope I don’t mistake. I say this by memory, I had read the github comments at the time. It is a problem that had lit a huge RED ALARM sign for me.

Months later on Tweeter that guy launched a “crusade against stack” in his own words. Against Stack, so people come back at Cabal. (that’s how I remember it indeed).

One can be sure this has blocked a bunch of new haskellers in their first steps.
He also convinced me not to focus entirely on Haskell only: if there are such members not minding about breaking the compilation of HelloWorld, there is a problem.

I say this bitterly because I love the Haskell language.
Don’t want to re-launch a flame war, but I had to say this: two years later the issue still pops.

I think I can feel that your hurt by it. As a Haskell beginner, I got most stuck by, that I could not find correct tutorial material. And on which site I do have to concentrate, it seams there are more official Haskell site?
I have to say, that sins I got found the really well written which I love to read, I am on my way with Haskell. And all the people on this forum who helped me. And like you, I love the Haskell language. Right now I do not know if I will program fully with it, but at least I learn more about programming and it helps me understand other languages as well.