TaskLite 0.3 released

I just released TaskLite 0.3 (fittingly on March 1.) and it’s one of the biggest releases yet.
Now even with prebuilt binaries for easier installation, so make sure to check it out! :grin:

  • Add edit command to edit YAML version of task in $EDITOR (1add89e)
  • Add several un* commands to erase fields (0f09c3d)
  • Only execute trigger to set closed_utc after state changed (395a8e0)
  • Show descriptive variable names in brief help text (10f8cf6)
  • Hide aliases from main help (c52df72)
  • Display alias errors even with subarguments (c52df72)
  • Fix parsing of timestamp part in ULIDs for small timestamp values (258df47)
  • Also display full version slug with tl version (0c292d1)
  • Remove unnecessary import logging (c04b894)
  • Add git hash to the version string (5f7b1ef)
  • Create config directory if it does not exist (8d0657c)