The best Haskell-related materials to read in 2024

Let’s share out personal curated selection of top-tier resources on Haskell?

It can be anything that you value, materials such as insightful blogs, groundbreaking academic papers, or even comprehensive(secret?) PDF collections. Whether or not tailored to specific domains that interest you, like audio synthesis, art, or cutting-edge programming language research, industrial production applications, etc

Let’s check out what’s have been done out there.



There’s a list of functional pearls here: Research papers/Functional pearls - HaskellWiki

And you can also check out the monad reader and the comonad reader:

Those are a bit old, but have some gems.

One particularly mind blowing (but very theoretical) blog post is this one: Mathematics and Computation | Seemingly impossible functional programs


This has now two implementations on Hackage: A rather direct transcript infinite-search and a recent addition to the transformers package. Escardo also has other gems like a literate Haskell file on exact real numbers and the so-called Barbados notes on synthetic topology sprinkled with Haskell.

2 Likes - all the links people in #haskell IRC channel have saved, plus a few curated starting points at the top. Some favourites you can find there:


Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell by Simon Marlow (2013, but still a thing)

I keep a list of my favourite learning resources and libraries, with little blurbs explaining each link.

Nice! FYI as in most links to What I Wish I Knew When Learning Haskell, that url ( hangs. These work currently:

Thanks, I’ve updated it to a wayback link.