Will the installation of the nix package manager interfere with apt in any way?


I’m using ubuntu mate with the apt package manager and I would like to install nix. Would installing nix interfere with apt in any way?


I think not, I am on NixOS and the last time I try nix on a Mac it use separate store.

The one way to test is fire up a VM to see.


Maybe you meant to ask over at https://discourse.nixos.org/ ? :slight_smile:

Anyway, using Nix on Mint won’t interfere with apt at all. Nix only modifies the system by creating /nix and then some symlinks in your home directory (and maybe in /root, too. I forget). Besides these harmless symlinks, you can get rid of Nix entirely by deleting /nix.


I’ll try installing it and respond back on this thread.


I’m using Nix on an Ubuntu at work in conjunction with home-manager and it works flawlessly.

There were casual problems of integrating the SSH stack and SSSD if I recall correctly. Falling back to the Ubuntu-provided binaries works.


Just to respond back (I know it was a month ago). I’ve installed nix and everything seems fine so far.