A command-line application written in Haskell for Canadian taxes

Behold my first-ever Haskell package targeted at the general public: canadian-income-tax

Okay, it’s targeted at a subset of general public that lives in Canada, has enough income to need to file taxes but no easy access to a Mac or Windows machine, and distrusts the online tax-filing companies. And has no problem installing the GHC toolchain. This list of constraints may seem like a severe limit to the app’s market penetration, but I’m a living proof that the said subset is not empty.

I won’t repeat the README here. Fellow Canadians reading this on a Haskell forum, do tell me whether you might find this useful despite all probabilities. Also, if any of you is an expert in PDF-related things, please let me know if there’s an easier way to handle the reading and writing of the wretched forms.


As a haskeller who moved to Vancouver from the US today, the timing is pretty good…

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