Anduril Industries is hiring Haskell Developers

My team at Anduril Industries is hiring Haskell engineers. Our team is somewhat unique in that we’re using Haskell to tackle systems programming and numerical (specifically digital signal processing) problems in an area where both software correctness and time to delivery are extremely important to our customers (hence our decision to use Haskell). Interest in or experience with any of the following would be big differentiating factors:

  • Digital radio/SDRs/wireless systems of any kind
  • Numerical programming
  • Low(er) level Haskell, i.e. talking to custom hardware, FFI, network protocol implementation, performance profiling and tuning, etc.
  • Nix/NixOS, specifically IOG’s Haskell.nix
  • Linux internals, specifically linking, loading, and working with the C ABI
  • Dhall
  • FPGAs, PLDs, VHDL, or Verilog, specifically Xilinx devices

Here’s the link to the opportunity on our jobs portal: Anduril Industries - Electronic Warfare Software Engineer

Our team is generally 100% in-office (we are located in Costa Mesa, California, USA), since we work with custom hardware in an RF laboratory. I’d be happy to answer any questions here, or you can reach me at


I think I tick a good number of those boxes, but I’m in the EU. Are you offering any relocation incentives or are you only looking for US applicants?

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I know we have done relocation incentives/sponsorships/etc. before but I don’t know the details myself. is the recruiter on my team, if you drop him a line he knows the details for sure (anything I say about it would be guessing to be honest).

Here are some reddit threads that include many people with significant criticisms of anduril – a company which produces military weaponry for use by the u.s. government as well as border surveillance tech, etc:


I think the job description makes that very clear. What’s the purpose of your post?


Happy to answer questions about our products.

Regardless of whether one likes that industry or not I still think they add value. We can think for ourselves (and weed out criticisms that may or may not be founded :)).


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