[ANN] filepath- released

This release implements support for the “abstract filepath proposal” (AFPP). There are no breaking changes in the existing API.

Hackage: https://hackage.haskell.org/package/filepath-

More information can be found on my blog: https://hasufell.github.io/posts/2022-06-29-fixing-haskell-filepaths.html


Congratulations! This is great news!


This is great. This is the type of work the Haskell ecosystem really needs. Thanks for your work on this!


When can we expect to see the file-io library on hackage?

After unix and Win32 have had a release that includes support:

This is mainly blocked by the Win32 package.

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Both unix and Win32 now have releases supporting the new API:

E.g. System.Posix.IO.PosixString


Done: file-io: Basic file IO operations via 'OsPath'

The last major outstanding package is directory. The maintainer said they will try to update it in time for GHC-9.6. Until then, refer to my branch https://github.com/hasufell/directory/tree/AFPP

The only other package I will migrate myself is hpath, which will then probably be the first strongly typed filepath library that uses OsPath under the hood (current WIP branch is here).

That will be it from my side. Anything else is up to the community to do.

If anyone wants to get this into base (at least the type), you have my support. But I won’t drive that myself.

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