[ANN] First release candidate for stack-2.15.5

You can download binaries for this pre-release from: Release rc/v2.15.4.1 (release candidate) · commercialhaskell/stack · GitHub.

Please test it and let us know at the Stack repository if you run into any trouble. If all goes well, we hope to release the final version soon, given the nature of the urls change.

Also, I would be grateful if people who build packages that have build-type: Configure could ‘stress test’ the change in approach to building the setup executable for such packages. The motivation for the change is to avoid a long-standing bug that could arise in rare circumstances.

Release notes:

  • This release fixes potential bugs.

Changes since v2.15.3:

Behaviour changes:

  • Following the handover of the Stackage project to the Haskell Foundation, the default value of the urls key is latest-snapshot: https://stackage-haddock.haskell.org/snapshots.json.
  • Stack no longer includes the snapshot package database when compiling the setup executable for a package with build-type: Configure.

Tested build-type: configure successfully for resolv, old-time and network.

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