[ANN] Haskell Streamly 0.9.0 release

We are glad to announce streamly 0.9.0 release. streamly-0.9.0 and
streamly-core-0.1.0 have been available on Hackage for some time
now, you can find reference documentation and some guides on
https://streamly.composewell.com as well. The website also has
functionality to search across multiple streamly packages.

This release did a major revamp of the API to make it easier to
comprehend and less error prone to use. Now there is a single “Stream”
type instead of the polymorphic “IsStream” type class. There are
explicit concurrency combinators to enable concurrent behavior on the
same type instead of using different types for that purpose.

Dependency on GHC rewrite rules has been removed for more robust
behavior and better programmer control, though it required splitting
the stream type into the default direct-style type “Stream” and the CPS
type “StreamK”.

The package has been split into two, streamly-core intends to depend
only on boot libraries (currently has some more deps due to backward
compatibility), streamly provides higher level functionality like concurrency.

Parser functionality has been released. Parsers fuse with streams and are
compatible with folds i.e. parsers are folds with more power.

See the following docs for more details:

Your feedback is important to us we did the API revamp based on the
feedback from users.


Appreciate the comprehensive upgrade guide!