[ANN] plutus-simple-model-0.3 - Minimal library to test Plutus/Cardano applications

I’m happy to announce a release of new version for plutus-simple-model. It’s a minimal library to write test for Cardano/Plutus applications. It’s easy to use and blazing fast. We use it extensively in Mlabs City to test our Plutus applications.

The new release is focused on those main features:

  • Reduce dependency set to make it as lean as possible. It depends only on plutus and cardano-ledger.
  • Support for Babbage era (use new features available in Vasil)
  • Support for Plutus V2 features (inlined datums, reference inputs, reference scripts, forward to redeemer, etc)
  • Write tutorial and update Hackage docs

The main thing is Plutus V2 support. Also with cutdown on the list of dependencies it becomes
much easier to update and use. I have removed big deps like plutus-apps, ouroboros and cardano-node.

With this rewrite also it became 10 times faster.