[ANN] VSCode-Haskell 2.0.1 released

We are happy to announce a Release for the new major version release for the VSCode Haskell Extension!

This release will allow you to use the latest HLS ( version.

Many developers have contributed new features, and this announcement tells you about the latest and greatest changes!

Previously, VSCode downloaded new HLS binaries automatically. The big new exciting change is that we now use GHCup and can manage the following Haskell Tools for you: HLS, GHC, stack and cabal. To install HLS binaries automatically, make sure you have ghcup installed!

The first time you use the new Extension you will be asked whether you want to manually manage your Haskell Toolchain binaries or GHCup should take care of it as it sees fit.

The choice you have:

  • GHCup: Choose this if you don’t want to worry about HLS binaries, etc…
  • PATH: Choose this if you need tight control over which tools you have installed. Nothing will be installed

However, you don’t have to choose between extremes! You have fine-grained control over which tools GHCup is allowed to install/manage.

Summary of Changes:

  • GHCup can now be used for managing all Haskell Toolchain binaries automatically
    • This requires a pre-installed GHCup
    • This is now the only option for managing binaries/HLS automatically
  • The following flags have been removed:
    • updateBehavior
  • The following new settings are available:
    • manageHLS: Do you want ghcup to manage HLS installations for you or use system PATH?
    • ghcupExecutablePath: Set here the path to ghcup if it non-standard
    • Other settings include:
      • toolchain, upgradeGHCup, releasesURL, metadataURL (refer to the VSCode settings for more details)

What this Release essentially enables us to do is to avoid $PATH issues, and we can manage the pre-built binaries more efficiently and correctly.

Since this is going to be a very much breaking release, please expect bugs and rough edges we have to iron out! Please report all issues you encounter at the vscode-haskell issue tracker.

If you have issues with VSCode picking up ghcup path, you can either set ghcupExecutablePath to the full binary path or explicitly set PATH variable in VSCode:

"haskell.serverEnvironment": { "PATH": "${HOME}/.ghcup/bin:${PATH}" }

We thank all our contributors for making this release possible:

  • Julian Ospald
  • Fendor
  • jneira
  • Benjamin M
  • PCloud
  • soiamsoNG
  • Simon Michael

Great job! And thanks for the comments on VSCode path issues - was v helpful.

Awesome thanks for the hard work on this extension making my life as a new Haskeller much more pleasant. :slight_smile: :pray:

There is one thing making me a little bit confused though: When I installed the latest VSCode Haskell extension it says its version 2.2.0. But the title on this post says its version 2.0.1 that was released. Why is that?

The way prereleases work in VSCode is a lil confusing (pre-release was 2.1.3, proper release was 2.0.1), so we decided to bump the version again to force users to upgrade to the proper release channel.