[ANN] Yampa 0.14.2, yampa-gloss 0.2.1, haskanoid 0.1.6, and more

Hello everyone,

I’m super excited to announce the release of Yampa 0.14.2! This release also comes with accompanying releases of many related projects: yampa-test (0.14.2), simple-affine-space (0.2.1), yampa-gloss (0.2.1), Space Invaders (0.14.2), and Haskanoid (0.1.6).

Yampa is a fast, elegant Functional Reactive Programming implementation. Yampa prides itself in being a long-standing community project. It has now been around for 20 years!!! See GitHub - ivanperez-keera/Yampa: Functional Reactive Programming domain-specific language for efficient hybrid systems for details on Yampa’s features.

This release mainly addresses styling issues. All library code now conforms to the main rules of the style guide we follow (which is publicly documented). We’ve also addressed other minor maintenance issues, like compatibility with new versions of GHC and some dependencies, installation and CI issues, fixes to the README, and pointers to related community projects. In total, there have been more than 400 commits!

Special thanks go to Miao ZhiCheng (hellwolf on github) for a generous donation towards this release, and to Johannes Riecken (johannes-riecken on github) for a regular contribution to support the Yampa project.

All the projects listed above have been released in sync. For details, see:

You can explore the current versions at:


The github repos are located at:

What’s coming

This release comes exactly 2 months after the last release. The next release is planned for Jun 7, 2023.

There are several issues open that you can contribute to in each project’s issue tracker:

Following our roadmap, the pending changes remain as follows:

  • Removal of unnecessarily exposed elements from the interface (e.g., FRP.Yampa.Arrow.arr3) that are not used and belong in other libraries. This topic is open to discussion.

  • Benchmarks: Facilitate making sound, evidence-based decisions about suggested improvements to the implementation, by completing a series of benchmarks.

  • New mailing list: We will in the future lose access to Yale’s CS department-based mailman list, and are thinking of the best place to move the mailing list to.


Our project is now seeking donations to help continue developing Yampa, create new open source libraries, new material, and give talks.

Github will match the first 5K donated, so if you donate $1/month, github will donate the same amount.

No donation is too small. Any contribution will absolutely help.

See Sponsor @ivanperez-keera on GitHub Sponsors · GitHub for details.

If you can help, please come forward.

All the best,