Announcing Keter 2.0 ๐Ÿš€

Announcing keter 2.0.
Special thanks to @sethlivy and @joyfulmantis for their volunteer contributions,
and of course Supercede for sponsoring ongoing development.

This is a breaking release which cleans up a lot of tech debt.
For example, we now follow the naming convention recommended by Gabriella Gonzalez,
and we got rid of data-default as a dependency,
Functionally, the app runs the same.


  • Improve missing sudo error messages in postgres plugin.
  • Reorganized most Haskell source files into /src.
  • Dropped support for http-client < 0.5.0.
  • Removed โ€˜defaultโ€™ package.
  • All โ€œDataโ€ modules are now โ€œKeterโ€ modules.
  • Testing library switched from โ€œhspecโ€ to โ€œtastyโ€.
  • Move Network.Http.ReverseProxy.Rewrite into Keter.Rewrite
  • Move Codec.Archive.TempTarball into Keter.TempTarball
  • Hide Keter.Aeson.KeyHelper
  • Stop re-exporting common and rewrite from types
  • Common no longer re-exports half of Haskell
  • Rename Types to Config
  • Move Common out of Config into root


Thanks for keeping it fresh. I loved keter in my web times.

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No worries! Weโ€™re happily using it in production.