Ansi-terminal: drop legacy Windows requiring emulation

This has been trailed on the package’s repository and elsewhere here, but in case anyone does object strongly I am headlining my plan.

I plan to cause package ansi-terminal-1.0 to drop support for legacy versions of Windows that require emulation in order to handle console virtual terminal sequences in the native terminal - that is, versions of Windows before Windows 10.

If you think that is a bad idea, please comment on the related issue on the repository.


On Windows, ansi-terminal-1.0 (released on Hackage today):

  • drops support for legacy Windows requiring emulation; and
  • no longer depends (directly or indirectly) on the Win32, array,containers, deepseq, filepath, ghc-boot-th, mintty, pretty or template-haskell packages.

Unrelated, kinda, but why does ansi-terminal depend on ansi-terminal since :thinking:

EDIT: Oh, nevermind, I found it. It has an executable in the .cabal file which depends on ansi-terminal … Why is that lumped together in hackage’s UI? :woman_facepalming:

The author correctly put a guarded buildable: False in the executable.

There is an open ticket on Hackage server repository, if anyone wants to lend a hand.

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