Article from PragPub magazine archives on Haskell and thinking functionally


Oh dear. Seems to perpetuate the story that Haskellers are obsessed with lists/haven’t advanced FP since LISP. Can’t intros avoid showing (++)?


Take a step back in history with the archives of PragPub magazine.The Pragmatic Programmers hope you’ll find that learning about the past can help you make better decisions for the future.


…I thought it was reasonably obvious that it was an old article.

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Why publish it this week without any commentary that experienced Functional Programmers/today’s Haskellers don’t think like this these days, and explain why?

learning about the past can help you make better decisions for the future

says PragPub’s strapline. Yes great. Tony Hoare’s Million Dollar Mistake with ALGOL [2009 talk] is well worth pointing to for every cohort of programmers.

Where/how do I learn what’s wrong with the Callaghan article? It should be left to gather dust.

I’m sure there are still a few programmers out there who feel the same way about non-strict semantics and garbage collection…@margareteldridge, could you enlighten the rest of us as to why you posted this article?

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From the cross post on Reddit:

This is an article by Paul Callaghan from August 2012 that we are reviving on Medium. It was getting a lot of requests after we took it down from the PragProg website. Enjoy!

This is an inane thing to be upset about. Why publish it this week? Because it was removed and some people who remembered it wanted it back. Everything will be okay in the world, I promise.