Autoquizer: a tool for serving and reporting a quiz automatically


Hi, Here is Autoquizer, a tool for serving and reporting a quiz automatically. A typical usage is for evaluating a group of students: the teacher connects his/her laptop on the local network and runs Autoquizer, the students connect to it and do the quiz.

Autoquizer aims to be flexible but also easy to use. A quiz is defined in a YAML file and the questions are written in Markdown files. Autoquizer reporting includes overall statistics, CSV data, statistics per student, statistics per question…

Autoquizer is written in Haskell and uses nice Haskell libs:

  • scotty (web framework)
  • hasql (PostgreSQL driver)
  • chart (for generating 2D Charts and Plots)
  • mmark (markdown processor)
  • yaml
  • optparse (for parsing command line options)