Blog post: Introducing Animation Fractal

This post introduces animation-fractal, an app to create live visuals.


I was also worried about space leak or GC pause, but that has not been a problem so far. On the contrary, I skipped premature optimizations, and the application already runs at a steady 60 frame per seconds using less than 10% of the available CPU.

That’s great to hear! You might want to put this paragraph somewhere more prominent, until I got to it I was under the impression that animation-fractal couldn’t be used for real-time animations. Will you publish the package on Hackage?

Thank you for the feedback! Right now, the project is best described as a “MIDI-driven shader live-coding environment”, but I’m still exploring what produces the best results so this is likely to change. Eventually I can share the code on Hackage, but for now you’ll have to use the source on gitlab. I’d love to know if the project works for you, and I’d be happy to fix any issue :slight_smile:

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The rendering engine itself is on Hackage. Depending on what kind of animations you want to do, you may use it as it is, or throw another layer of abstraction tailored to your needs.