Cabal 3.10 last call for contributions

Hi! Would you like cabal 3.10 to have your favourite bugfix, feature or overall spiffiness? If so, please let us help you help yourself. We are going to soft-freeze cabal 3.10 in a month or two and ship a little later, around the GHC 9.6 release date. There is still time to fix your favourite regression

or add your high priority feature (or argue for bumping the priority of an existing ticket)

The friendly team of cabal maintainers is at your disposal whether you need a PR review, a design discussion in a ticket, or you just get stuck or urgently need somebody to chat to (the #hackage IRC/matrix room is open).

Cabal 3.10 is going to be mostly a bugfix release, so there may or may not be a release candidate for you to try to break. However, brave people are continuously dogfooding the master branch from github artifacts (at the bottom of ‘validate’ CI jobs) or gitlab pipelines (more flavours, including statically linked Alpine Linux)

Another way you can contribute is by picking up a newcomer-labelled ticket. Yet another is triaging new tickets, e.g., via

Don’t worry if you feel you’d need to learn a lot — cabal is a large and constantly changing system, so most of us are forgetting faster than learning. However, purity, types and tests often permit to focus, code-dive and fix or improve a hot subsystem in relative isolation.

See you there,

Edited: Fixed the first link that discourse mangled.


Two examples of short (in terms of LOC) newcomer cabal tickets that are particularly tasty, important for users and not mindless at all: