[Call for Contributors] *New* Cabal User Guide

I am trying (with the blessing of the cabal maintainers and the haskell foundation) to spearhead an initiative to re-vamp the cabal documentation. Right now it is a combination of reference material, and a user guide. It would be nice to have a beginner friendly, linear guide that walks a newcomer through the most common use cases of cabal.

I am trying to keep on top of the issue tracker and provide plenty of context. The first three sections have all of their required chapters recorded here https://github.com/haskell/cabal-userguide/issues

I plan on adding the more advanced chapters as issues later, but if anyone feels especially strongly about contributing to those it would be greatly appreciated. They can be found in the SUMMARY.md https://github.com/haskell/cabal-userguide/blob/main/src/SUMMARY.md

I want this project to be friendly to beginner contributors, so if you want to take an issue and learn as you write it, I would support that that wholeheartedly (and will be happy to offer any guidance I can).

Thanks everyone, I think this is a really important initiative to improve the haskell ecosystem, for both the uninitiated and the old guard alike!