Cannot satisfy -package-id X11-1.9.1-As84WI1VImVHquwEDPbrTE

For some reason, when I do something about Haskell (install a package), I often get this error:
<command line>: cannot satisfy -package-id X11-1.9.1-As84WI1VImVHquwEDPbrTE
I have the X11 Haskell libs installed via cabal-install. I don’t know what it means, but it frustrates me :triumph:.
Does anybody know how to fix this?

Mhh never met that error, are you using Arch by any chance?

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Yes, I am using Arch. Is some recent version of a package broken?

Arch provides only dynamic libraries iirc, hence some quizzical errors now and then.

If you do not mind some curl | sh, ghcup is an option, other being downloading ghc/cabal yourself — what I do — or using stack; all three do not require root.

Otherwise if you want to continue with the Arch approach, your may also want to ask on specific channels like #arch-haskell on freenode.

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What version of cabal-install are you using?

Do you have any more details for something reproducible?

cabal-install version
I’m using Arch, so it’s probally the latest version.

I think this might be an instance of this “bug”: I also ran into it and fixed it by going into ~/.ghc/x86_64-linux-<ghc-version>/environments/default and removing the line containing package-id X11-1.9.1-As84WI1VImVHquwEDPbrTE. To avoid this issue in the future you should avoid using cabal install --lib for now.