Cerveau: a future-proof web app for notes

I’ve announced Neuron before here – a future-proof note-taking tool in Haskell using Markdown and Pandoc.

Here, I’m announcing Cerveau - a web app for your Neuron notes in a Git repository (Cerveau = Neuron + GitHub + your notes) for future-proof editing “on the go”. It is a full-stack Haskell app, and is written using reflex and obelisk in the frontend.

In this blog post, I go over the tech stack briefly: https://www.srid.ca/689c4a39.html


How would you compare it to Standard Notes? Licensing?

How would you compare it to Standard Notes?

EDIT: My bad, I didn’t know that Standard Notes was open-source.

I’ll have to look at this later, but briefly - Neuron supports interlinked notes Zettelkasten stye, and does publishing on the web.


I address this in the blog post, in the “Towards perfecting future-proof note-taking” section - but briefly, Cerveau is a luxury-on-top hosted service for Neuron sponsors, with a potential for later consideration to open-source it depending on the sponsorship success.

If cervaeau ends up open and agpl, and you use storage free of microsoft/github such as a nextcloud backend, I would switch to using it in the future. I won’t end up using revision history, so git is optional for me.

If you can assure that being able to use a free software alternative to github (codeberg, notabug, whatever you prefer) is on the roadmap for 2021, I will switch from standard notes to cerveau next week

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I think free’ing Cerveau up from the Git/GitHub dependency is indeed a good idea. In particular, I’m considerating decoupling/ delegating the storage and sync part to something external like Syncthing, so that Cerveau can even operate on local files directly (allowing people to self-host it without configuring any specific storage mechanism).

Neuron is also undergoing a bit of brainstorming at the architecture level (specifically, a plugin-based architecture) by exploring some ideas in ka, that would eventually transfer over to Cerveau (eg: plugins providing interactive GUI elements in Cerveau).