CLC Election January 2023

It’s this time of year again: the terms of three CLC members are ending in January, so we are seeking new nominations!

Who should apply?

Anyone who meets the following criteria should apply:

  • Candidates should have enough bandwidth to review merge requests to base on a semi-frequent basis (3 to 5 per month), and sustain this for their 3 years term in a healthy manner.
  • Candidates should be able to contribute opinions and analysis to issues raised by the community as a part of the CLC proposal process on a semi-frequent basis (3 to 5 per month).
  • Candidates should be good communicators, and at least be able to articulate to the CLC team when they will be available vs. unavailable.
  • Candidates should be productive, and be able to follow through on merge requests and conversations to their completion in a diligent and timely manner.

We encourage any and all who satisfy these requirements to apply. Please note that we are not looking for the biggest galaxy brain in the room - quite the opposite. We are looking for productive, motivated individuals who want to help support the ecosystem that we love. As such, we hope to build a broad sample of the community.

How can I apply?

To apply for one of these positions, send an email to that consists of the following data:

  • The header “CLC Election January 2023 - {your name}”.
  • Why you think you’re a good fit given the above criteria.
  • If applicable, please point us to some code you’ve written.

Please apply before Feb 1.


Just a gentle reminder that nominations close in 20 days.


A final reminder that nominations close in a week!

@Bodigrim I have applied. Should you not have received my application, please do let me know!

@angerman your application has been received, no worries.

I’ve sent a reply to everyone who applied. If you applied and have not received an acknowledgement, please contact me by other channels.

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Congratulations to Moritz Angermann, Matt Parsons, Dmitrii Kovanikov and Julian Ospald, who’ve been elected to serve as new CLC members.

Huge thanks to our outgoing members Cale, chessai and Emily for years of dedicated service to the Haskell community, I hope to see you around!


Happy to join new CLC! :tada: :partying_face:
I feel enthusiastic about the upcoming improvements in the Haskell standard library :crystal_ball:

I was thinking about introducing a separate Core Libraries Committee (CLC) topic on Discourse for all CLC-related announcements similar to the Haskell Foundation topic. It would be interesting to filter posts by CLC work, calls to comments and actions and just see what’s happening.

Can we do this? Not sure who to ask but maybe @jaspervdj?


That can be taken care of, thank you for the suggestion.
Edit: Done.