Consolidated GHC release notes


I wanted to find GHC versions which improving linear types support and noticed that I cannot find a page with a list of links to GHC release notes for compiler versions in the chronological order.
Search engines give results for sporadic GHC versions without a link to the top index.
E.g. I cannot find release notes for unreleased GHC 9.11.2, but I remember I saw a page note somewhere.

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The released notes can all be found from this index:

For example:

For the current development version you can look on gitlab here:

But those are already the notes for 9.12 which are currently mostly empty. It seems that the 9.10 notes are in limbo at the moment as that will be released soon.

You can always find the notes on Gitlab by going to the appropriate git tag, for example:

But that is not rendered.