Cross posting with Reddit

As most people are aware, the Haskell reddit forum has reopened after being closed for a few weeks.
The result of the closure is a few people (including me) have created a discourse account.
What we are seeing now is posts being post on both platform.
In that case, were do we answer ?
At the moment I try to see on which platform the post has been post initialy and answer there,
but I might be easier if author where cross posting a link to the other forum instead of posting twice.

As anybody else an opinion on this ?

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I’ll be responding on Kbin or here, in that order of preference.


I don’t think cross posting a link will unify the comments. Not all reddit users would be willing to make an account on this discourse, and not all users of this discourse will be willing to make a reddit account (or possibly even follow a reddit link if they’re one of the users who voted for the subreddit to permanently close).

I think whichever platform is posted on first is a good guess at which platform the author prefers, and if your comment is primarily aimed at the author, it sounds reasonable to pick the author’s most preferred platform that you are also on. If your comment isn’t directly aimed at the author, I think you should respond on whichever platform contains your target audience.


Having landed here after reddit (and having done a minor bit of cross-posting since), I’ve formed a little bit of reasoning / an opinion.

  • I’ve grown to prefer the personal interaction of discourse, compared to the emphasis that reddit places upon sharing.
  • I consider the discourse my ‘primary’ stomping grounds now, though I am still on the reddit
  • I will cross-post major things (eg, blog articles, project milestones) to reddit but smaller things will probably stay on discourse, though they may be mentioned in the next major cross-post
  • If I see someone else’s link / cross-post to a discourse topic, I’m probably going to respond on the discourse.
  • If someone comments on my topic, I’m probably going to respond where the comment happened
  • I will also post to kbin similar to reddit

Overall, I like discourse more for having an actual discussion, whereas I feel like reddit is a good way to reach a larger, though less-involved audience.


I would like to keep most of my posting on one community only, which at the moment is this one. However, after several days of receiving no answer to a query here, I cross-posted it on Reddit; I got a response within the day. (And that in turn led to further useful discussion here.) I’m now very unsure what I should do the next time I have a question.

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Due to the relatively brief time this Discourse has existed in comparison to r/Haskell, it could simply be that no-one here has had a similar problem. I don’t think anyone here (at least in the beginning!) intended Discourse to be a replacement for Reddit, but an adjunct to it, so for now there will be less people here. I dare say that if you had posted your question on m/haskell in Kbin at this time, the (lack of) response could have been very well the same.

Each community is different, so they’re not going to react the exact same way to a given post. But to contemplate never posting here again because one of your first questions here didn’t get the response you were expecting seems an over-reaction (well, to me it does).

As for knowing which community is the best place to have certain questions answered: I have no idea; that could be a question for a sociology forum…

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When did I ever suggest that? All I said was that I’m ‘very unsure what I should do’. Which I am!

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Long threads in discourse are a disaster. It’s ok for announcements, casual discussions, blog posts.

I like the formatting though, so I usually create the main post here and then just link to it. But that doesn’t mean I expect people to only reply here. Use whatever you like. It’s not difficult to check a couple of different social medias for posts. It’s 2023.


The problem with cross posting is that, if you cross post without letting people know that the post exists somewhere else and you ask a question for example. You might get an answer on one platform, be happy with it and have people trying to help on the other platfrom not knowing that they might be wasting their time.
Also not every body is aware (and check) all the possible platform. I wasn’t aware of kbin until yesterday.
If the cross post is done by linking to the original one everything is fine. If instead the post is just a duplication then it might be less obvious.

If it is a Q&A format question, people — at least on Discourse — can edit the title with [Solved].

For general discussions, Reddit and Discourse were created with different goals, different ehtos in mind (see: Presentations on Discourse. As such they attract different audiences and different types of replies.