Database Migrations

Hi everyone,

I just started working with Haskell again after a long hiatus, and I’m evaluating it on a rather small web project. Things are going well so far, but one problem I haven’t found a solution for.

That is, I’m still looking for a good approach to database migrations. Currently I’m using selda as a database mapper, which has some migration facilities, but they assume that I only want to migrate one table at a time, and that I have the past and future table description in my current codebase (when most of the time the codebase changes, and the migrations are the artifacts that describe past datamodels).

What I would like is a tool more along the lines of Prisma or Django migrations (generate migrations from a datamodel, or generate a datamodel from migrations).


peacememories :slight_smile:

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We use Beam, which has two competing migration tools: beam-migrate and our beam-automigrate. I hope someday they can be combined into one best-of-both-worlds tool, but in the meantime rest assured the migration situation here has received lots of attention.

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