DevOps engineer for the Haskell Foundation

On behalf of the DevOps Hiring Committee I’m thrilled to announce that Bryan Richter will be joining HF as a DevOps engineer from mid May.

Bryan is a programmer with a diverse background, both professionally and personally. From Silicon Valley startups, to Oregon startups, to Helsinki… um… startups, Bryan has spent a lot of time helping teams scale up tools and processes. He’s dangerous with Bash, Perl, Haskell, and Nix. Through other professional open source work, Bryan has first-hand experience collaborating online, building community, and grappling with some of the social and leadership aspects of that arena.

Bryan’s relevant work experience includes building data pipeline scripts gathering output from multiple systems at StarMine/Thomson Reuters; prototyping a backend service that converts user parameters into a Nix build description for internal software configs at RELEX Solutions (now used in production); implementing Gitlab pipelines for and the RELEX tooling above.

Many people contributed their time and effort to make this hire happen, foremost from HF, HFTT and GHC HQ. To name a few in a roughly chronological order:

  • Davean Scies authored the proposal to hire a DevOps for GHC and core Haskell packages.
  • Emily Pillmore and Gershom Bazerman led efforts to get it approved by HF Tech Track.
  • Andrew Boardman put a lot of work into sourcing candidates and informational interviews.
  • Moritz Angermann helped us with the process and details.
  • Ben Gamari assessed technical skills of the candidates to find the best fit.
  • Ryan Trinkle, our Treasurer, proofread the contract and assisted with legalities.
  • Richard Eisenberg provided his helpful leadership and signed the deal.

Please join me in being excited about the new future for Haskell core infrastructure!


Wow this is incredibly exciting! This hiring effort is a targeted and concrete benefit for Haskell’s community and I am very grateful for the efforts of all involved.

Best of luck to Bryan :slight_smile:


Thrilled to have Bryan joining us! Thanks also to @Bodigrim for helping see this all through!


That’s terrific news! Well done everyone involved. And a huge welcome to Bryan.



This is excellent news! I’m looking forward to working with him!


Bryan is a great guy, great fit for this on many levels.

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Hey everybody, thanks for the nice words! I’m glad to be here, and I’m glad that the HF now has a pointy end (me) who can work full-time on technical challenges in Haskell infrastructure.

I had hoped to write something earlier, but I’ve been really busy wrapping up current obligations. :slight_smile: As the HF devops engineer, I intend to be public about what I’m working on, so I look forward to being more active on this forum soon.

I wanted to mention briefly what drives me in this role. I appreciate Haskell’s dual-use nature. As an industrial user, I want to prioritize providing a reliable base for solving business needs. At the same time, I appreciate the hackers, idealists, researchers, and teachers who drive Haskell’s interesting features and wider adoption. I hope that my efforts can help us get closer to Pareto efficiency when balancing the different stakeholders’ interests. There are a lot of useful things that can be achieved with some grunt work…

Having said that, my first task will be to do “whatever the GHC team needs me to do”, so if you have opinions, talk to them :arrow_right: . The improvements won’t always be quick, and they won’t always please everybody, but with a little optimism I think we can do good things.

See you around!


Allright, here you may find one wish, althou “type level lambdas” is not directly about toolings! I’m looking forward to hearing more about whats happening around HF and toolings and other stuff here!

Smooth sailings to you Bryan in your new role :smile:

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