April Haskell Foundation Update

April Haskell Foundation Update

Despite being between executive directors, the Haskell Foundation’s work continues.

  • Though the deal was closed in March, I’ll include it anyway because I’m so excited: David Christiansen started this week as our new Executive Director. More info on this introductory post. Looking forward to see where David leads us!

  • In other fantastic news, at the beginning of April, we closed the deal with Bryan Richter to work full-time at the Haskell Foundation doing DevOps work. He will initially focus on improving GHC’s CI infrastructure (under Ben Gamari’s capable supervision), but we’re hoping he will have the bandwidth to help out other affiliated projects in due course. You can read more in Bryan’s introduction, which includes a long list of people who helped make this happen – including how this position grew out of a tech proposal.

New sponsors

We’re excited and grateful to announce new sponsorships!

It’s been a pleasure serving as the HF’s unofficial interim director, as I now hand over the reins to @david-christiansen.