Haskell Foundation November 2023 Update

This is my first monthly update since I have started as the new executive director for the Haskell Foundation. I am currently transitioning from my previous role and will be full time by January 2024.

Call for nominees: Haskell.org committee

The Haskell.org committee has posted a call for nominees. The term is 3 years, self-nominations and re-nominations are welcomed. For more details on how to nominate yourself or someone else, see the linked Discourse topic.

Existing initiatives


The HF’s GHC CI specialist @chreekat remains hard at work keeping GHC well supported. You can read his updates for the month of October below:

An important extra project on Bryan’s plate is migration of maintenance of Stackage over to HF infrastructure, providing for ongoing support for the benefit of the Haskell community.

Technical Working Group

Meeting notes:

Stability Working Group

Meeting notes:


The Haskell Interlude Podcast released interviews with John Hughes, John MacFarlane, and Edwin Brady.


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