Haskell Foundation July 2022 Update

Haskell Foundation July 2022 Update

Technical Agenda


Bryan, our DevOps engineer, has continued his work on GHC’s CI system. In addition to gathering better data about the reasons for failed jobs, he has made it possible to restart jobs automatically, leading to more overall runs completing. He has continued to post his weekly updates:

The Technical Working Group

In last month’s update, I presented a proposed reformulation of the Haskell Foundation Technical Proposal process and the committee that evaluates them. Following excellent and useful feedback from community members, we decided to adopt the new version. The committee, now called the Technical Working Group, is seeking additional members, but the deadline to apply is today.



I’ve been working on the HF’s overall strategy and budget, including what our areas of focus will be in the coming year. This work is ongoing!



The Haskell Interlude podcast released Episode 15, an interview with Facundo Dominguez.


All of our work is made possible by our individual contributors and our sponsors. Thank you so much for your support.

This month, we’d like to welcome Juspay as a new Monad-level sponsor! Juspay is a leading payments infrastructure company in India. They process ~25M transactions per day, helping more than 300M customers, including Amazon, Ola, Uber, Vodafone, and Jio. They use Haskell as the primary language to build frameworks and DSLs to power all their API backend and big data processing needs. Juspay is the biggest user of Haskell in India, with 500k-1M lines of Haskell code powering critical production services, run by a large team of engineers. Haskell has been an important part of guiding junior engineers towards good practices. We are very happy to have them as a sponsor.