Haskell Foundation August and September 2022 Update

Haskell Foundation August and September 2022 Update

August and September were less busy than usual in the Haskell Foundation. I was on vacation for most of August, and September was spent attending ICFP, the Haskell Implementor’s Workshop, and delivering a keynote address to the Haskell Symposium in Ljubljana. Bryan, our DevOps engineer, also took a long vacation during these two months.

Technical Agenda


Bryan spent five weeks as a volunteer aboard the Götheborg, the world’s largest ocean-going wooden tall ship, as it sailed from Bremerhaven to Lisbon and onward to Spain. On top of that, he’s been continuing to improve the reliability of GHC’s CI infrastructure. He posted the following weekly updates:

Error Message Documentation

Sam Derbyshire finished the work on GHC to provide unique codes for each error or warning, and it has been merged into GHC. Starting with version 9.6.1, these codes will be displayed along with messages, and the community can contribute to documentation and examples. This site will be deployed to errors.haskell.org in time for GHC 9.6.1. If you are the maintainer of Haskell tooling that could benefit from community-driven documentation, please get in touch, as this site is intended to be useful for more than just GHC.

The Technical Working Group

The TWG is in full swing, with a complete complement of members as well as two non-voting observers. We have approved the advisory database proposal, and execution will begin soon.


The Haskell Symposium

The Haskell Symposium is an academic venue for presenting research related to Haskell, colocated with ICFP, the International Conference on Functional Programming. The Haskell Foundation was invited to give a keynote talk, in which I pointed out research problems that have specific relationships to the daily work of Haskell practitioners and highlighted the great benefit that both research and practice have achieved by GHC being simultaneously an industrial-strength compiler and a platform for exploring new ideas.


All of our work is made possible by our individual contributors and our sponsors. Thank you so much for your support.





Nice! Is there a video of the talk available?

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The video was recorded, but has not yet been released. I’ll post an update when it’s out.


…et al ? If so, the members of the Haskell Foundation Stability Working Group are to be congratulated for their sterling efforts which have lead to this achievement! Presumably that’s why there’s been no new updates since 2022 May - their valuable work has concluded…

@atravers The lack of updates falls on me! I got out of the habit of posting them here, though they available in the repo.

Thank you for the reminder. We meet on Monday, and I’ll be sure to post an update here following the meeting.


The error message codes and the advisory database are also extremely exciting. Particularly as much of the ecosystem moves relatively slowly, getting those things going along with the associated tooling seems very important. Glad to know of all of this work, extremely grateful to HF and everyone involved in all the various levels of work.

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…maybe just a synopsis of what’s been happening since May. (I for one failed to notice that the notes of meetings had already been made available - now bookmarked).

Would something like the “Haskell Communities and Activities Report” format be more appropriate for recurring “news updates” as posted for this working group (or like this)? Otherwise, there’s the risk of people just “tuning out”

I’ll start including a summary of the SWG’s activities in my monthly updates as well. Not doing so has been an oversight on my part, and I’ll add it to the checklist.


For reference, here’s the video of your keynote talk: [Haskell'22] Industrial Strength Laziness: What's Next? - YouTube


Thanks for letting me know! I was checking in from time to time, but hadn’t yet noticed it.