DevOps Weekly Log, 2024-01-03

Hello from the future! (If you are in a timezone further west from the dateline than I am.)

Yesterday, after resolving an issue with Hoogle search on, I made the DNS switch that moved Stackage to its new home on Haskell Foundation-managed hardware! This has been an enjoyable process and I am excited to be involved of the Stack ecosystem in such an intimate way now. I was one of the early beta users of Stack, and I appreciate the options it gave to Haskell users. There has been a lot of cross-pollination across the Haskell tooling universe. I look forward to facilitating more of it.

Speaking of which, if anyone is interested in solving a fun concurrency problem that affects Stack, check out Probable concurrency issue with `updateHackageIndex` · Issue #111 · commercialhaskell/pantry · GitHub.

Moving forward, the DNS transfer was Phase 2 of the Stackage migration, and at least two phases remain. Next up is the data migration. Stackage uses network object storage (S3) to store the Haddocks for all the packages in all the snapshots, and I will be regenerating it in a new HF-managed location. But I would say the hard part of the migration is over. Soon it will be time to pick my next project.

See you next time!


Not sure what’s the best place, but I own and I’m happy to transfer it to the foundation.