DevOps Weekly Log, 2024-01-31

It’s the weekly log!

The last week had some variety due to competing deadlines and emergent issues. In terms of issues, I had three different things to deal with. First, I wrapped up my recent work with mitigating spurious failures in GHC CI, which had gotten unbearable lately. Things are looking better now:

(The last week’s numbers are better for job failures and master-branch pipeline failures! But still not great, obviously…)

Then, I got a couple reports of trouble receiving email from I was able to track down the reason for both of them. I was pretty happy to be able to fix one of them by emailing the admins for, who addressed our issue in under a couple hours! I’m still kind of amazed by that. Thank you to whoever made that happen. The other email issue wasn’t so easily resolved. In fact, it still isn’t resolved. :confused: Email is hard.

The third emergent issue was the discovery that a bunch of macOS CI runners had become unresponsive. Luckily I was still able to log in and clean things up.

…But hey, look at that. I just went to check on the runners again, and a different set of macOS runners are now unresponsive. I really can’t wait to have the time to fix these issues properly.

Luckily I did still have time for my main task, which is the migration of Stackage services to Haskell Foundation servers. I wrote automation: prep for using new bucket by chreekat · Pull Request #7299 · commercialhaskell/stackage · GitHub, which adds support for the new Haddock bucket, and began preparing to run a new Hackage mirror that will replace the long-serving mirror hosted by FP Complete. Last but not least, I drafted a project to include in Summer of Haskell - ideas that I hope to have posted by tomorrow.

That’s all for now!

And here’s the list of issues triaged yesterday. Like usual, I could not stay till the end of the call, so my notes are incomplete.

GHC Issue Triage Notes