Dockerfiles for JS and Wasm backends

I’ve written Dockerfiles for GHC 9.6.1’s JavaScript backend and WebAssembly backend. They are buildable on amd64 and arm64.

I hope they help you try the new backends.


Is one of the amd64 a typo or is it a way to refer to amd128? :grin:

I mean amd64 (aka x86_64) and arm64 (aka aarch64).

Oh God, how embarrassing! Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks! Much better than my attempt: GitHub - brandonchinn178/ghcjs-docker

You may want to apply the 3 patches at Commits · hsyl20/ghc-9.6-js · Sylvain Henry / Glasgow Haskell Compiler · GitLab to get TH support too :wink:

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