Functional developer - Purescript + Halogen - 100% Remote, full time

I am looking for a functional programming fan for my team at Visonum GmbH - iOS App-Developer für Swift und SwiftUI .

We use Elmish architecture in mobile apps with Swift + SwiftUI and Kotlin, as well as PureScript + Halogen for web apps. Rust for performance critical parts. Employment is 100% remote, full time, starting immediately.

Although this is not a Haskell role, I think it could still be of interest for you because PureScript is a Haskell dialect.

We provide a mentoring program for new employees where we teach functional programming fundamentals and PureScript + Halogen. So you have the desire to learn but not yet a profi, that is fine.

Please contact me at: if you have interest.


We made a succesful hire, so this position is closed. Thank you all for your applications!